Vegansk is a space for gaining knowledge and perspective on a plant-based nutritarian lifestyle. With the wonder of scientific thought, our intention is to provide a source of inspiration for shifting the nuances of daily habits, to guide you into embodying health everyday. 

Vegansk envisions life experience as one in which we live harmoniously, preventing the accumulation of toxic and disease-promoting substances in the body – be they from food, environmental pollutants or negative behaviourisms.  By altering our lifestyles, we believe it is possible to live at the highest expression of ourselves. Throughout this site, we will share resources that we believe are useful in this journey of progress. These range from recipes free from salt, oil and sugar, to articles about living this way in the modern world.

Vegansk sees a planet that is free from speciesism, sexism and racisim, where our daily actions support a sustainable world. This begins with you. By working towards a sustainable body, in physicality and rationality, our inner happiness will encourage compassion for the world!